Young & Restless:Who Killed Really Ashland? 

Young & Restless:Who Killed Really Ashland? 

The Young and the Restless 'Ashland Lock'. They had been told for months

 that he was a violent man notorious for destroying his rivals. Honestly,

 we were left cold as we anticipated the way he and original 

screenwriter Richard Bergey would shake up Genoa City.  In particular,

we were looking forward to seeing the Ashland Lock Horn with Victor, who has had no suitable rival for years.

Even better, thanks to a backstory where Kyle secretly gave birth to Ashland's supposed son,

the new guy in town will obviously be gunning for both the Newman and Abbott families!

 Better yet, it would be exactly the kind of excitement that the young and restless needed. 

bogged down in plots that went nowhere and storylines that seemed determined to skirt the drama.