Although Victor finally manages to get Ashland out of Genoa City

The Newmans could hardly live without him.

Young and Restless spoilers for 03 June ( Friday )

What is this, the zillionth time? Victor issues an ultimatum to Ashland. 

Will this be the one that causes the Locke Ness Monster to tremble in his boots? 

Maybe, if we're right about his opponent's willingness to use Harrison as a bargaining chip.

This should be entertaining, because you know Victoria isn't going to take any prisoners when she declares her independence.

Revisit Sharon and Nick's entire topsy-turvy love story as they appear to be on the verge of becoming "Shick" once more.

Before they married, Nick and Sharon overcame numerous challenges, including a big one posed by Matt Clark, 

who raped Sharon and landed Nick in prison. Nikki was opposed to the union.