The Price of Glory: Randy Orton's Net Worth, Age, and Injury Story

Randy Orton, born on April 1, 1980, is an American professional wrestler and actor, currently signed with WWE.

Orton's net worth is estimated to be around $11 million, primarily from his work in the wrestling industry and various acting projects.

Orton comes from a wrestling family. His father, "Cowboy" Bob Orton Jr., was a professional wrestler, and his grandfather, Bob Orton Sr., was a wrestling promoter.

In 2008, Randy Orton missed several months of action due to a shoulder injury that required surgery. He has made multiple surgeries throughout his career.

A big part of Randy Orton's image has been his vast collection of tattoos, each with its own meaning. He has several designs covering his arms, chest, and back.

Orton is known for his impressive physical fitness and has been recognized for his muscular build and athleticism throughout his career.

As a 6-foot-5-inch (196 cm) man, Randy Orton's height has been one of his strongest assets throughout his career, allowing him to perform aerial moves and overwhelm his opponents.

Orton has been featured in several wrestling action figures, including multiple versions of his popular "Viper" persona.

Orton is a 14-time world champion, having won the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and other titles throughout his career.

Orton is also an accomplished actor, having appeared in several films, including "That's What I Am" and "12 Rounds 2: Reloaded".

With his second wife, Kim Marie Kessler, Orton has five children. He has one daughter from his first marriage.