The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla: Chris Jericho's Legendary Legacy

Chris Jericho is an American-Canadian professional wrestler known for his technical skills and his ability to adapt to different wrestling styles.

Chris Jericho began his professional wrestling career in 1990 and has since become one of the most successful and influential wrestlers in the industry.

He has won numerous championships in multiple wrestling promotions, including WWE, WCW, and AEW.

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, Chris Jericho's net worth was estimated to be around $18 million.

Chris Jericho was born on November 9, 1970, which made him 50 years old as of my knowledge cutoff in 2021.

Chris Jericho has been married to his wife Jessica Lockhart since 2000. The couple has three children together.

Chris Jericho is known for his impressive athleticism and stands at 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall.