how to get numbers in satta matka game

In this, the cards are identified by number not by their name.

Only 10 cards are used out of 13, here you have given the meaning of the cards.

Ekka – 1 dukki - 2 Tikki – 3 chokki - 4 Panji – 5 chikki - 6 Satti – 7 Athhi – 8 Nahla – 9 Dehla - 10

The second most important factor in the Satta Matka game is to play the game, what is the betting time of the club.

It has an opening and closing time and at this time only you can bet or else the game of that day will be closed.

If you play it through online app or website, then you will get the time written below it.

Like 680-40-190 are such numbers and they have three parts, let us understand them

680 - Means number of cards is six, atta and dahla 190 - Means number of cards is Ekka, Nahala and Dahal

When the numbers are opened, the player has to place a bet and there are 5 types of betting that you can play.