Remembering Andre the Giant - Larger than Life in Wrestling and Hollywood

André the Giant, whose real name was André René Roussimoff, was a French professional wrestler and actor who rose to fame in the 1970s and 1980s.

André the Giant was born on May 19, 1946, in Grenoble, France, and passed away on January 27, 1993, in Paris, France, at the age of 46.

André the Giant was known for his enormous size, standing at 7 feet 4 inches (224 cm) tall and weighing over 500 pounds (227 kg).

André the Giant had a condition called acromegaly, which caused him to continue growing throughout his life.

André, the Giant's hand was also unusually large, measuring 12 inches (30 cm) from wrist to fingertips.

André the Giant was married once in his life to a woman named Jean Christensen, but they later divorced. He also had a daughter named Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, who was born in 1979.

André, the Giant's cause of death was congestive heart failure, which was a result of his acromegaly.

André the Giant had been in poor health for several years prior to his death, and his condition had become progressively worse.

André the Giant was a beloved figure in the wrestling world and was known for his kind and gentle personality outside of the ring.

André the Giant was also a successful actor, appearing in movies such as "The Princess Bride" and "Conan the Destroyer."