Real Life Story of Children's Superstar Shinchan

Real Life Story of Children's Superstar Shinchan

Who does not know this devil child? Seeing this, the children have been laughing a lot

But the real story of Shinchan is very painful. This cartoon character is based on a real life character who has died

This story is from Japan. There was a woman in Japan whose name was Misai

Misai had two lovely children, one named Shinchan and the other Himawari

Just as it is shown in the cartoon, Shinchan's mother loves shopping

Similarly, in real life, Shinchan's mother goes to a shopping center to do shopping

When Misai got busy with shopping, she gave Shinchan to take care of her sister

Meanwhile, both the siblings went to the toys section

Shinchan is so lost in the world of toys that his sister Himawari is out of sight