If the police catch you while playing the matka, then what is the punishment?

Considering gambling-betting as a social evil, the state government has made preparations to add stringent provisions by amending the 69-year-old law

the surprising thing is that the provision of jail sentence has been made for those running gambling-betting house

there will be no punishment for those who play gambling, they will have to pay only fine

Punishment of up to 3 years and Rs 10 lakh against those running gambling houses. provision has been made to

 some people also gamble through cards. They bet most of the money

Prohibition of such gambling has been termed as an offense under an Act in India

A notice has been issued by the Supreme Court on a special leave petition related to the interpretation of the crime of gambling.

A person convicted of playing Satta under the Act 1867 is said to be guilty of an offense which amounts to 'moral degeneration'

In the last it is that power should not be played matka, it is just a waste.