Emma Thompson plays Elinor Dashwood, who must navigate societal expectations and romantic entanglements with her younger sister in this beloved adaptation.

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

A charming and heartwarming ensemble romantic comedy, Emma Thompson plays a wife who discovers her husband's infidelity, leading to an emotional and poignant scene.

Love Actually (2003)

An Oscar-winning Merchant Ivory production, Emma Thompson plays Margaret Schlegel, an independent and intellectual woman in early 20th century England.

Howards End (1992)

Emma Thompson stars opposite Anthony Hopkins in this poignant drama about a butler reflecting on his life and the love he let slip away.

The Remains of the Day (1993)

Inside the making of the classic Disney film "Mary Poppins," Emma Thompson plays the author P.L. Disney clashes over creative differences with Travers.

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Based on a true story, Emma Thompson plays a lawyer fighting to clear the name of a man wrongly accused of terrorism in Northern Ireland.

In the Name of the Father (1993)

In her breakout role, Emma Thompson plays a nurse who falls for a struggling actor (Jeff Goldblum) in this quirky and charming romantic comedy.

The Tall Guy (1989)

A faithful adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play, Emma Thompson plays the witty and sharp-tongued Beatrice, who engages in verbal sparring with her love interest.

Much Ado About Nothing (1993)

Emma Thompson stars alongside her real-life mother in this introspective drama about a mother and daughter reconnecting after a long period of separation.

The Winter Guest (1997)

This poignant and emotionally resonant drama explores themes of life, death, and the human condition through Emma Thompson's powerful performance.

Wit (2001)