Dragon Ball Z Cartoon Goku

Dragon Ball Z Cartoon Goku

Dragon Ball Z was the first Dragon Ball series to be broadcast on Indian television

Episodes 1 to 13 of Dragon Ball Z and its movies, dubbed in Hindi

It debuted on Cartoon Network's India version during 2001

Since then, it has been aired several times on Cartoon Network (India) with English, Tamil and Telugu dubs

The Hindi dub of Dragon Ball Z is a redub of the Funimation Dub

It uses all Ocean and Funimation scripts and names

Despite being based on the Funimation dub, the Hindi dub never uses Bruce Faulkner's score

In addition to using his own music, the dub also used edited footage and scripts from the Ocean/Saban dub

The Hindi dub used the original Ocean Dub script translated into Hindi until episode 53